Noteable Appearances

Edina Arts Fair (2017)

Minnesota State Fair ‘KSTP 5 Eyewitness News Concert’ (2017)

Edina Arts Fair (2018) Premier (May 16th, 2018)

Live Undiscovered Music iOS Launch, Madison, WI (August 17th, 2018) streaming-startup-luem-challenges-corporate-music-business-models )

ROCKTOBERFEST at the Pourhouse (November 13th, 2018)


Emily Sonne is a singer and a songwriter based in the Twin Cities. Although coming from folk roots, Sonne is inspired by a wide collection of indie & pop music. Her portfolio features gut-wrenching lyrics, often sprinkled with ethereal harmonies. Listeners can also find her lended vocals in songs with several alternative artists, including Inexedra, Back to Rapture, North Sky, and Nova Abov.

Currently, Sonne is working with Meteor Base Productions in Minneapolis, and writing and recording an EP. Her debut single "Cordial" is currently the theme song for a podcast by Mental Health News Radio, and she is a Leader and Brand Ambassador for LÜM (Live Undiscovered Music), a streaming platform dedicated to giving power back to artists. Outside of her music career, she a full time student and a part time barista.


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